Waterco Electroheat Ultra Pool Heat Pumps

Accredited Installation Required & Available in Store Only

The latest advancement in swimming pool heating, Electroheat Ultra heat pumps extracts latent heat from the surrounding air, intensifies it and transfers it to your swimming pool.

Available Models: Ultra 19 – Ultra 22 – Ultra 23 – Ultra 29 (3 phase)

Product Description

The latest advancement in swimming pool heating, Electroheat Ultra heat pumps extracts latent heat from the surrounding air, intensifies it and transfers it to your swimming pool.

Electroheat Ultra heat pumps will heat your pool even when the ambient air temperature is close to 0º.

  • Energy efficient heating
  • Temperature management & self-diagnosis
  • Automatic hot gas de-icing for cold climates
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Weather proof cabinet

Energy efficient heating

A swimming pool is a major financial investment. Getting the most out of your pool, means keeping the pool at a swimmable temperature for the maximum number of hours in each day and the maximum number of days in each year. A heat pump will economically keep your pool warm 24 hours a day.

Compared to gas and electric heaters, Electroheat Ultra uses just a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat and unlike solar heating; there is no reliance on the sun as the latent heat in the air is used.

How the Electroheat works

Electroheat Ultra uses refrigeration technology to extract heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the swimming pool.

Heat extraction

The fan circulates air through the evaporator air coil that acts as a heat collector. The liquid refrigerant in the evaporator air coil absorbs the available heat from the ambient air.

Heat Intensification

The compressor then receives the warmed refrigerant and intensifies the heat. The intensely hot refrigerant is then pumped into the heat exchanger.

Heat Transfer

The heat from the hot refrigerant flowing inside the heat exchanger is then transferred to the pool water.


The refrigerant restarts the process and flows through the evaporator air coil to collect heat once again.

Cost effective heating

Heat pumps only require energy to operate a compressor and a fan motor, using low amperage in the process.

The Electroheat produces over 4 times more heat energy than the electrical power it consumes. For every 1kW of electricity consumed, Electroheat can produce over 4 kW of heat.

Save up to 80% over propane gas, 50% over natural gas and 500% over electric heaters.

Electroheat Ultra

Incorporating the latest smart technology and long lasting components, Electroheat Ultra is designed and built for trouble free operation.

Simply program your desired pool water temperature and let the Electroheat Ultra do the rest.

Temperature management & selfdiagnosis

Electroheat Ultra’s LED control panel provides a continuous digital pool temperature display and incorporates a self diagnosis system. In the event of a problem, the control panel will display diagnostic error codes.

The control panel also features an option to switch from POOL to SPA mode automatically via an external water pressure switch or manually via a remote control.

Inbuilt protection devices

The integrity and performance of your pool heater and its components are protected by built-in safety devices

  • Auto defrost control to eliminate frost on the evaporator.
  • Auto flow switch to shutdown the system in the event of no water flow.
  • High / Low pressure refrigerant auto reset to shutdown the system in the event of low or high refrigerant pressure
  • Compressor protection via a time delay to allow the refrigerant to equalise before the compressor starts/restarts.

Titanium heat exchanger

Titanium heat exchangers have a longer life expectancy than standard copper heat exchangers. Titanium offers total protection against erosion and corrosion, it is resistant to: chlorinated water, ozone, iodine, Baquacil, bromine and salt water.

Powerful heat transfer

The exclusive design of the Electroheat Ultra’s heat exchanger creates an unmatched and powerful heat transfer source. Surface area contact with the heat exchanger is maximised by circulating water though its condenser tubes.

Efficient R410 scroll compressor Electroheat Ultra’s are powered by an R410 Scroll compressor, the most powerful, energy efficient compressors on the market and most importantly they are also the quietest.

Extra large evaporator area Electroheat Ultra has an extra large evaporator allowing it to extract more heat from the outside air maximising the heat pump’s performance and efficiency.

Weather proof cabinet The Electroheat Ultra’s cabinet is constructed of heavy-duty UV-resistant proof ABS body panels that are impervious to rust, corrosion and deterioration.

Electroheat Ultra heating

Electroheat Ultra features an automatic hot gas de-icing function, enabling it to continue heating your pool even when the air temperature drops close to zero.

If any ice forms on the evaporator, the Electroheat Ultra’s pipe configuration is temporarily reconfigured via a reversing valve to allow hot gas to melt the ice, the Electroheat Ultra then reverts back to heating your pool.

Quick and easy installation Simply connect the pool return line to and from the heat pump and connect the power source.

Please note: Electroheat Ultra is designed for outdoor installation and should not be installed in enclosed areas such as a shed or garage, unless mechanical ventilation is provided to ensure adequate air exchange for proper operation.

5 year warranty

Electroheat Ultra is covered by a 5 (2+3) year warranty for residential installations and a 1 year warranty for commercial installations.

Download Waterco Electroheat Ultra Heat Pump Brochure