Zodiac PowerFirst Pool Heat Pumps

Accredited Installation Required & Available in Store Only

Overcome the cold reception with a Zodiac PowerFirst energy efficient operation.

Available Models: 11D, 13, 15D

Product Description

Overcome the cold reception with a Zodiac PowerFirst energy efficient operation.

Enjoy a comfortable way of life in your own heated pool.

Designed to Suit Most Pools

Packed with features these new Zodiac heat pumps will suit a range of sizes up to a large 11×5 metre (55m square) pool and give you the luxury of all year swimming (depending on climate).

Soft Start to Cut Down Power Consumption

Featuring a new ‘soft start’ to reduce excessive current draw when the unit powers up. This cuts down on power consumption and provides a longer product working life.

Ozone Friendly

All use the ozone friendly refrigerant R410a and are all designed to be the most energy efficient in their class.

All Seasons Reverse Cycle

New D models for all seasons applications. Capable of heating or cooling making them ideal for cold climates that require a heat cycle or hot climates that require a chilling cycle.

Titanium Condenser with Lifetime Warranty

All models have a lifetime warranty on the solid titanium condenser. This is regardless of water chemistry or the sanitation method used, now that is peace of mind. All other parts have a 2 year warranty (all commercial applications are 12mth warranty only).

Intelli Heat

All are ‘Intelli-Heat’ ready*, meaning you set the desired water temperature and it will maintain that temperature at any time of the day running completely independent of the filter cycle time.

Super Quiet Operation

The uniquely designed fan with ultra smooth roller bearings ensures super quiet operation, this can be very important with strict council regulations around noise control.

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